Bells and Whistles.

theyea | 2015 Complete | Available Now!
I want to take a second to announce that we are dipping our toes into the complete bike market. Above is our tactical model called the War-Horse. With Nahscar suspension and GoodYea tires thing is ready for the rough road of life, right out of the box. The custom handlebars have a phone holder so you can swipe right on the way to the next spot. This bike comes equipped with saddle bags to keep your lenses, ledge dressing, condoms, and blunts ready to go. Attached to the rear fender is a folding shovel and hatchet just incase you want to spot mod. Also on the rear fender is a multi-purpose tripod that doubles as a steady cam after a few quick mods. Most importantly is the 6 horse power motor and the death metal gas tank. Use this handy little motor to push yourself out of those slow rollouts and maintain speed right past the gazing haters. Available at finer bicycle retailers this holiday season!

Weekend Hustle.

theyea | squad | fall 2014
Last weekend we were squad deep with a bunch of friends. Schimpf, Capone, Nick Bott, Gannwear, Loughead, Eeshond, and Mayo were among the visitors. Good sessions for sure. Josh dialed in a wallride we’ve all been looking at and we’re all real stoked he made it happen. Mclovin got a nice tight tranny pop, and Nick Bott went up the tight tranny to ride across the top, and rode back in. It was amazing to see for sure. Click through for more.
theyea | Josh Walla | Photo: Matt Smith
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StyleCats 10: Welcome to The Team Edition

I always enjoy posting these StyleCat posts with a theme. After cruising around the interwebs I figured I’d post two “welcome to the team” edits. My reasons being originality and difference. These two edits have such a different style to them. Let’s start with Abdul. Lots of interesting peg moves with a smooth flow to keep it going. A couple moves I’m not sure have been done before. the ice smith to smith really stands out to me. I’m excited to see more footage from him in the upcoming 90east full length release.

Next up is Chijioke Okafo. After meeting him this past year it’s safe to say this guy is a chill dude who’s simply down for a good vibe. He’s open to options and tricks that are not on the usual trick list. Lots of oppo with nice roll outs. My favorite is probably his kinker to 2nd stage ice 180. As an Ice 180 enthusiast I can only imagine the skill involved in handling that without rolling ankle or worse. Props to Abdul & Chi for getting up on their respective teams and having some shine time.

Didn’t Even Know.

The other week we met up at regular spot to warm up like we usually do.. There were a few people out that day with cameras shooting the Susquehanna river. I guess we unintentinally were filmed by a guy that was there. We found his youtube video of the footage. Even though he barely shows any of us landing anything, the footage came out awesome. Peep this nice little treat that makes Harrisburg look quite scenic.