Chris Cadot for 3Ride

BMXFU dude, Chris Cadot coming through with a nice quick jernt. Shout out to our brothers from another country! Smooth boy.

The homies at 3Ride hooked us up with the premiere of this Chris Cadot edit.
Filmed by Jeremy Deme, Trent T-Bone Barker, Chijioke Okafo, Lee Dennis, Jake Montgomery and Chris Silva
Edited by Jeremy Deme

Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Josh - Switch Hanger Baltimore | Theyea
Just got back from an amazing quick trip to Baltimore. The whole crew came out. We got a ton of photos from the fruitful weekend but I’m too stoked so I figured I’d make a post anyway while the photos come trickling in. Loughead, Shilo, Eeshond, and Mayo came out and joined the rail party. Shout out to Tom Gorse and Sara for letting us sleep on their floor. Also, Shout out to Josh Stair, who went in on some moves this weekend coming out victorious. He earned it. So much fun was had this weekend my face hurts from smiling so much. Good times with the squad. Josh – Switch Hanger | Photo: M Loughead
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Weekend Shots.

theyea | Jon - Bonedeth | photo: Josh Stair
This past weekend the crew split up and one group went to York, the other to Mechburg aka Mechanicsburg. A bunch of shit went down and I can’t wait to see some of the footage. Shout out to Josh’s front wheel. Also, Shoutout to Chops for dialing in this solid roof drop!

Click on the pics to see em bigger and if you’re on an iphone, hit the continue reading button to see em all bigger.
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Hey, Have Fun Out There.

This is amazing in a not so overly hyped, everything doesn’t’ have to be a be banger sort of way. I found this on tumblr and the description / story behind this is pretty wild. Outside of that, is the riding, the angles, the spots, and the soundtrack. The riding in this is dope, some heavy moves along with some chiller moves, all shot really well with a smooth soundtrack. The bounce back and forth from film to SD really makes the video have a nice feeling to it. Launchpad killed it with this one. The only word that comes to mind for this edit is smooth. Definitely something that gets me psyched to ride. And.. isn’t that the point of watching bike vids in the first place?