5 BMX Sprockets That Should Exist.

theyea | spline drive full guard sprocket article | by matt smith

Ever look at a bike part and wish it was slightly different to fit perfectly to your liking? I know, it happens to me too. Today’s topic is sprockets and what an ideal sprocket would look like. Read on to see photoshop mocks of what I’d consider some of best sprockets that don’t even exist yet.
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Diplo Hip Hop Mix.

I’ve been exploring SoundCloud on my phone a lot lately. It’s nice since I can lock my phone while it plays. I stumbled across this 2-hour hip-hop mix by Diplo that has a bunch of songs you may recognize from BMX videos. It’s one of those playlists you can enjoy the whole way through. (or at least I did). From Dan Cox in Voices, to Bob Scerbo in Please Kill Me, there’s some real gems in here. Read more for a full track listing.
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Josh Wit It.

josh stair wedge in

The other weekend we took a trip to get some riding in the not so cold weather. We had about 5 or 6 clips in the clipnic basket.. or so we thought.. the camera glitched and all we could save were two clips of Josh. With that said, I’ve fixed the cam with a cleaning cassette and we’re back in business.

josh stair

Josh stair