Review: Lotek Nightwolf Mid ’14

theyea | lotek shoe review | side view

First of all, I want to say THANKYOU to Stephen Horrocks for being so generous and hooking me up with a pair of Lotek Nighwolf Mids. July of 2014, Stephen messaged me about the shoes. He had been following my review posts and wanted to donate a pair. He mentioned he would withhold comment until I got to use em up.
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Photos from the weekend.


Mclovin Wally

barrier tire marks

barrier tire marks

This past weekend we rolled out on a sunday just to fuck around and see what we could find. On the way back, we saw this amazing little wedge to wall. Had to make good use of it. Shortly after we got the boot for putting marks on the wall. Luckily no one riding the wally scrapped pegs and we could just tell the guy the marks will wash off in the rain and he let us off the hook. Mclovin & Josh were both getting pretty high up there. Neck & Neck. I was able to get a clip on this barrier. There was a bolt sticking out of it but it was on of those tall barriers. So after a few goes I finally gave it a good pounce and got a nice black rainbow above the bolt. It’s funny seeing the tire mark, proving how high you were can be so satisfying. We strolled back to town and then up a few blocks for Chops to get a nugget and cruised the alleys all the way home. Loughead sent over a shot of his new rim strip. Psyched on the sticker usage! Read more for more pics full size.

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Coatesville Sessions

theyea | matt smith - over ice | photo: loughead

yours truly – over ice | photo: Loughead


Eeshond & the yellow bank

This past weekend I journeyed out to Coatesville to ride with Loughead, Eeshond, Mayo, and special guest; Kevin Little. I’ve been wanting to head out their way for a quite some time. I recently picked up a new car ( thanks Jon ) and I’m now able to drive an hour away to ride with some good humans. We started at their renowned DIY spot. Let me tell you, these guys put in work to have something really fun to ride whenever they want. It was a pure pleasure to ride the rehabbed yellow wedge they built. I fucked with the myriad of flat rails they have until I got bodied on a dumb crank arm attempt. haha. Eeshond & Loughead showed me how to ride the place as I knocked off the cobb webs. Soon Mayo Joined us and shortly after Kevin Little showed up. We rode a little, shot the shit a little and then hopped in Loughead’s van & embarked on a street mission. A couple of the guys dialed in this rail, and we ended up leaving with a few clips. We then continued our session among Coatesville’s many spots before we finished the day off with some Popeye’s chicken. Thanks to Loughead being a great host and shooting some dope photos. Can’t wait to go back.

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717 BMX.

theyea | Josh Stair | Walla  Walla

Josh Stair | Walla Walla

Mclovin, Jon, Tom, Klien & Josh went to Lancaster to explore and came back with some solid flicks. Shot from Jon Herr’s camera, I resized them and made a sequence of Josh’s wall ride to wall ride. Click the images to see em big or read through. Some decent nugs.

theyea | Josh Stair |Fence Walla

Josh Stair – Fence Walla

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BMXFU: Meow Mix

This lil nugget of video information is a pure treat. The greatest BMX clan of all time aka Bmxfu are back with a new edit. Some of these clips were filmed while I was still living in Rochester. The Fu dudes came down a couple times and I got to meet a good amount of them. Good humans I say. Also, they have a new UK video for sale on their website, pick one up, it comes with a Mr.Bean BMXFU sticker!

Hustle Tees Are Now Available.

The Hustle Tee

The Hustle Tee

Classy in the front, party in the back; 10% Skill 90% Hustle. The message behind the shirt is that: it doesn’t matter what skill you have if you have the hustle and ambition, you can get what you want done. A limited run with sizes S-XXL these are sure to go quick. The Hustle Tee has 2 prints, 1 big back logo print & a size neck-label print showing off our state-pride. The Fuckswitit label is added to the bottom to give it a fine touch. You can pick one up here and get some free stickers to go along with it. Orders will ship next business day! Read more for additional photos & specs.
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