Cork Benefit Jam in Rochester.



The Rochester locals have banded together to have a sweet ass backyard ramp jam / bbq for Cork on the 30th. All proceeds go to helping Cork pay his bills. Lots of shit going on! Prizes, Beer, Food, and good times. If you ordered a shirt from the Cork Fundraiser we had, you can pick it up at the jam. Or wait for them to be mailed out afterwards.

The next day (sunday) there is a street jam hosted by Dave Raffa. He’s gonna have prizes to give out to people shredding. If anyone from PA wants to go to this let me know! I moved back to PA this past weekend, and would be a great co pilot. oh let do it!

Crank Philip Demattia in Rochester.

I’m missing Phil’s wedding this Saturday because I’m moving back to PA that day. I’m pissed because the whole reason I waited this long to move was to go to the wedding but sometimes life works out in other ways. The least I could do is post his new video filmed and edited by Dan Coller. Phil kills it and went in for this. Premium Crankflip Content. The silver dish ride 180 is something I’ve ridden past numerous times in the year I’ve been in Rochester and never actually thought about riding. Props Phil!

Biggest Ice 180 Ever?

BSD – Reed Stark Safari Pedal from BSD on Vimeo.

BSD posted their Reed Stark pedal promo this morning and I wasn’t sure what to expect. They don’t post product promos that often, But they do post awesome vids on the reg. So yea, I lost my place in my insta feed (yea insta’s auto refresh sucks balls) to go to the link and watch this incredible ice 180 by the biggest ice pimp of them all Red Stark. He literally lands the most wild ice 180 I’ve ever seen just inches away from what looks like a chick trying to kick them out of the spot. Knowing how unpredictable and ice-1 can be I’m pretty sure that lady was in real danger and didn’t even know it. Maybe that’s what gave Reed the mojo to stick the trick.

After the promo, the image of the pedals came up. I thought the design was kinda weird and interesting. Basically, the reason for so many pins in the corners is to serve as back ups as the corner pin always seems to go first. For more info you can peep Reed’s interview over on the Merged.

Flash Back Fuckin’ Friday

Throw Back Boston Trip
We’ve done a bunch of throwbacks of our old vids but not this one yet. Str8 outta 2011, edited by Mike Cesario. I don’t know why but I like the song Mike picked. We had such a good time, from living off of tuna and PBJs to riding the legendary Shapeschool. Read more to see the edit and a couple pics.

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Product Review: Etnies Marana

Skeptical of riding in low tops again, this is one of the first pairs I’ve ridden in since I started reviewing shit. I was ready to try anything that toted to be anti-heel bruise. Etnies hyped them with some interesting info about the Evolution Foam technology. I heard nothing but good things and got them at a good price so I gave them a shot. Besides, they come in black/gum – A default colorway if you ask me.

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