Podcasts: The Future of BMX?

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Welcome to 2015 everyone. As the first article of the year I’m taking a moment to talk about how we get our information, and the future of the culture that is BMX. Not too long ago there were video magazines that documented everything from flatland, to street, to contest riding, to obscure-ass one-of-a-kind crazy travel spots. These video magazines provided a platform for us all to see BMX as a culture instead of the sub-niche snippet we get provided for us regularly online. One thing that has been popping up lately to help restore the order of BMX as a culture, is the raising interest in podcasts. Join me as I explain what could or couldn’t be the future of BMX.

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Alex D. and his dudes just dropped the leftovers to their upcoming video “4k”. I had purchased Nearly 3 right when it came and I’m excited to see this new one! Shit should be dope. Always look forward to DBG clips, Kriss K. clips and Alex clips. Not to mention the onslaught of talent that will be peppered in between.