Into the Void // Eli Platt.

The ninth section of The Shadow Conspiracy’s second full-length DVD release,
“Into the Void,” featuring Eli Platt. Filmed and Edited by Johnny Devlin

First of all, I want to say that the above video gets me so stoked to ride every time I see it. Eli has an effortless style that really comes through here. I also want to mention that there’s been a lot of debate on DVD vs web videos. I like both, however, I do think there is one difference between the two. Patience.

In order to produce a dvd you really have to wait till all the footage is together. Sitting on footage isn’t fun, I have been working on a video part that has some 2 year old clips but I’m psyched on them. And I’m willing to wait to show them. Also along with the patience aspect is sitting down and actually watching the video. Eli’s part refrenced above is the second to last part in the video. When you actually watch the Into the Void dvd you’ll watch all the other parts first (usually) before you get to this part. Which adds suspense to the whole thing.

When a dvd section is released online, how is it usually uploaded? section by section. which takes away from the suspense of wondering who’s going to be up next instead of just clicking the person you want to see.

The last thing I want to mention is isolation. I want to say more often than not, my friends watch web videos usually in their own free time as to watching a dvd in a room together. I do that too, I’ll sit here and watch what ever I’m interested in over on TCU and then go about my day. It becomes something you’ll talk about with your friends once you get to see them and ride but sometimes not something you actually enjoy together. And that’s one thing I really liked especially as a young kid growing up. To watch a video with your friends, everyone gets psyched and then head out to ride. Now, you can still very well do that with a web video barring that you have the capabilities to hook your laptop up to your tv, if not, everyone’s crowded around a small laptop or monitor not fully seeing the detail of the clips.

Basically what I’m saying is as long as its on a big screen and it’s not some pixelated garbage I’m in. Getting your friends together and seeing which clips gets them stoked also helps you learn about eachother’s vision of what bmx is and I think that’s pretty cool.