Death Grips: Exmilitary.

I stumbled across this on today.  I find the music interesting.. so I looked further into them and it’s some pretty rough stuff. Not something I’d play before I went out for the night but it’s worth a hear. Continue reading for the video of the first track off their album. It starts off with a Charles Manson sample..
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The Chariot: Long Live

The Chariot has been one of my favorite bands for quite some time now. I’ve been listening to their older albums pretty frequently. And when Steiner showed me David De La Hoz from their fourth album, Long Live I got really pumped. The film is all one continuous clip with numerous instrument changes and line up switches. The amount of work that had to go into this production is amazing. Yea.

if your extra curious, you can find the lyrics here


So I found my old ipod, a first generation Nano. This thing is old ,It barely even holds a charge. What I also found is the music I had on it before I lost it. haha One band I all but forgot about was Viraemia. I found myself listening to their EP from 2009 on repeat for the last day or so. Give the video below a listen and see what you think.Very technical, and intense. It’s not for everyone.

Also, check out their logo. I’m impressed with the level of detail. Good Stuff.

A Sparkly Video.

by Leif Podhajsky –
Edited by Young Magic & Leif Podhajsky
Footage taken from the BBC Documentary series Planet Earth.


Found this on Vimeo, I’m a big fan of Leif Podhajsky and this video doesn’t dissapoint. Unfocus your eyes , watch and zone out. -ms

Work Drugs.

I first came across Work Drugs via I became immediately psyched on their sound and I couldn’t get enough. As I looked further into them I found out, they are also from Philadelphia. A local music ensemble that plays rad tunes? I had to get in touch with them. Tom from Work Drugs was nice enough to answer a few questions for me as well as give us a listen do a new track called Curious Serge. Click here to listen to it. Welcome to the Work Drugs Feature.

Who is Work Drugs?
Work Drugs is Benjamin Louisiana and Thomas Crystal from an abandoned pier on the banks of the Delaware River in beautiful Philadelphia, PA.  Also helping us out on pretty vocals is Joan Wellfleet.  A few other local Philly shipmates will be helping us out on the upcoming tour.

What instruments do you use?
A little bass, a few drums, and lots of smooth.

Where you always making this kind of music?
We dabbled in a few different areas in the past… from Motown to avant-garde noise pop… but I think we found a happy medium.

How did you first meet each other?
Ben and I first met in Mrs McDonald’s kindergarten class, but it wasn’t until when we attended sailing school together that we fortified our musical friendship. We bonded over traditional sailing shanties by the likes of Steely Dan, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Kool & the Gang etc. When we overheard our schoolmate Joan humming along to Boz Scaggs’ ‘Lido Shuffle’, we had to invite her to work on some music with us — and thus Work Drugs was formed.

Who made / makes the music videos?
Ben made both the “Third Wave” and “Rad Racer” video, while I (Tom) put together the “Dog Daze” and “Sunset Junction” videos.  I guess you could say mine are a bit more abstract…. but I suppose those songs are a bit more abstract.  They are obviously best viewed while under the influence…

What local venues have you guys played so far?
Other than playing a few birthday parties and nursing homes, no shows that subscribed to local zoning and fire codes.

Next month you are embarking on a cross country tour with Two Door Cinema Club. Is this your first tour?
Well it is our first legitimate tour.  I’m guessing these venues will be a bit bigger than the friends (and strangers) basements that we are used to playing.

Also on the horizon is a new album or a ‘Smooth P’ as you’d like to say. When is that looking to come out?
The smooth-P will be out on April 1st, but we are currently taking some pre-orders.  Tropic of Cancer/Tropic of Capricorn will have two new singles “Curious Serge” and “Golden Sombrero” … with a few exclusive Cayman Islands Sessions tracks.  We only made about 100… and that’s all it’s going to be!
[listen to Curious Serge here officially being released next Friday]

Were there any set back as you completed the tracks for the new album?
We’ve had these songs floating around the bait box forever… plenty more where these came from…

Is there any one out there that you’re interested in collaborating with?
Definitely Michael McDonald… or Philly’s classic smooth duo… Hall & Oates.

who came up with the names for the social networking links on the blog? I dig it haha
I just figured sounded more appealing, haha.

Do you have any plans to go out on to the water this summer?
Definitely!  Another trip to the Cayman Islands to record a few new songs is in the works.  Other than that, the usual weekend sail down the Chesapeake.

message for the kids / shout outs ?
Stay smooth.

For more info on Work Drugs:
Work Drugs Website
Facebook | | Myspace | soundcloud | Tumblr | Youtube

Verb the Noun.

A live performance by Verb the Noun.
at The Quarter , Harrisburg PA

Drums- Seth
Guitar- Mark
Bass- Corey
Guitar- Sean

Some of you may already familiar with my cousin Seth. He’s pretty darn awesome behind a camera lens. What some of you might not know is that he’s pretty kick ass behind a set of drums too. Recently, my cousin invited me to see his band, Verb the Noun‘s first show. My other cousin, Mark is also in the band. An excuse to hang out with my family, jam out, and have a good time? I’m in.

I’m really into their music. Maybe with some grace they’ll let me use a song in a Yea edit sometime =] They are currently looking for a vocalist as well. If you know anyone interested check out their Facebook.