Humans Being.

Just got back from a quick trip to Rochester. Didn’t bring my bike as I’m still hurt from the Pittsburgh Trip. (Smashed my peg into the side-back of my heel.) Had a good time seeing everyone at the Kink / Blackout camp. Shout out to Cork & Raffa for holding it down with a backyard fire, beers, and mayhem.

Diplo Hip Hop Mix.

I’ve been exploring SoundCloud on my phone a lot lately. It’s nice since I can lock my phone while it plays. I stumbled across this 2-hour hip-hop mix by Diplo that has a bunch of songs you may recognize from BMX videos. It’s one of those playlists you can enjoy the whole way through. (or at least I did). From Dan Cox in Voices, to Bob Scerbo in Please Kill Me, there’s some real gems in here. Read more for a full track listing.
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Music Monday #3

Here’s a new music monday for yall. Some choice tunes and good vibes for ya to bump during the week. What do you guys think of the playlist format? you can skip through the tracks. Maybe even hear a song you might of not heard otherwise. We got a new tee in the works. Keep ya eyes peeled.

Death Grips: Exmilitary.

I stumbled across this on today.  I find the music interesting.. so I looked further into them and it’s some pretty rough stuff. Not something I’d play before I went out for the night but it’s worth a hear. Continue reading for the video of the first track off their album. It starts off with a Charles Manson sample..
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